Friday, 5 July 2013

June: The Pledge & hobby control

With all the excitement of the terrain that I posted up I completely forgot about the "pledge"

so without further ado here we are:

Bought - 42

Painted - 44

Differance +2

So by the skin of my teeth! now the bits that I bought were for padding out my gruntz stuff and getting some funky toys for my bolt action germans, the gruntz stuff I'll show off once they are painted up and I'm really looking forward to doing the doe gunships but I'm not too sure on the camo I'm considering getting some masking from critcal mass games,

but need to have a good look on how it works as I'd like the gunships to look very sexy!

with regards to the 28mm bolt action germans I'm going to go on a 4 hour airbrush course so I can suss out how to do it, I was happy with the work that I did on the drop zone stuff but I want to make the hald tracks and the like look really nice, if the boys on the Guild can do on 20mm them 28 should be a doddle! 

So onto the "self control"

I've done very well so far loads of temptation with modern chinese and dead mans hand that I'm really strugging to resisit as it looks great and the people who have played it rate it very well. I will persist but it might nab me unless WWX, deadzone or all quiet on the martain front distract me in the meantime!