Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bolt Action Board We're nearly there!!

With the glorious British weather over the last week I've managed to get a huge chunk of the board done namely the actual boards!

they needed some TLC and after the GC helped me stick and paint the boards they looked like....

All I need to do is get some flock/static grass and they'll be ready for the July gaming session, I couldn't resist getting the rest of the scenery out and seeing what they looked like on the board as well as making sure that their was enough but not too much,

quite good coverage,

Now I've managed to actually lay the road out on the board I can cut it to size,

I'm thinking a few more of these bushes to scatter around to provide infantry with some cover but nothing that would stop tanks from moving around too much and I've still the KV2 to mash up and with the modelmates rust effect on the way that should be done by the end of next week I hope.

The other bit of feedback I've had from Kris & Andy is a hill would be nice so I'll break out the bread knife and wire brush and start hacking away!

Any other thoughts or feedback??