Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bolt Action Board update

I've been quite busy since doing the warlord buildings for the Coalville Centurions,

I've managed to crank out the following bits so far...

So we have some woods that I've though about storage as well as gaming,

The bases are made out of cork board and the actual trees are just glued on some spare bases that I had from warbases,

The roads I had the most fun with, A while back Cooper made some roads for flames of war and all I've done is just upscale his technique,

so once you've measured out the sections that you need and angled the edges you should have this,

grab some ready mixed filler, or in my case nicked some from the garage as we're gonna be decorating the lounge soon, and simply bang it on!

spread it out so its all covered and looks level (ish)

no the fun bit begins, I started with taking a bit of a sprue and used the curved corner to drag random track marks though the filler, then got a toy car that I "acquired" from Isla's toybox and made tyre tracks in the filler as well,

so after a bit of a effort I was left with,

so once they dried, I splashed some paint on and the usual flock and the final result was,

Three different scales on the road starting with 15mm, 20mm & finally 28mm

and an overhead shot for the width, so unwittingly will work for all three scales no worries!

So far the chaps at the Centurions hare very happy with the bolt action table progress and its helped me get my terrain mojo back on, all that's really left is some fences, a barn, corn type fields made from the standard doormat and some general scatter terrain.