Friday, 20 September 2013

Dystopian Legions - Empire of the Blazing Sun & Prussain APC

With the recent Dystopian Wars fleet I painted I managed to pick up a legions force fairly cheap,

After wondering how to paint them I decided to go for a nice bright colour for them based on the prow's of the ships that I did,

the diamond symbols are from vendi vidi vici and are the 15mm sized decals, vendi website they fit perfectly and I also ordered some bigger symbols for when I pick up vechieles and the like,

Talking about legion veciles I finially got some paint on my Prussain APC, I've painted it the same as the tankettes and not bothered with the "wooden" look like on the spartan website

I've gone quite light on the weathering as the gears on the drive units look cool and didn't want to cover them up too much, all I need to do now is finish off the two machine gun teams for the Prussians and actually get a game in and I'll be sorted!