Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Mount up!! (20mm Modern Russians)

So it started with a few odds and sods for Force on Force cold war gone hot....

 And then it "happened"....

After a email chit chat with Shaun from S&S this lot landed on my door step,

so after some sticking, spraying, drybrushing, inking and weathering I was let with this lot....

So enough BMP 2d's for my infantry and rather than the usual russain APC's I decided to go whole hog and get the BMP tank riders and pimp em out!

so a close up of the tank riders, I mixed and matched the numbers so that it didn't look too uniform, 

Plastic T-55's scrubbed up really nice, 

Close up, I've used the techincal paint that I tried on the Thousand son's rhino and it works lovely,

A BRDM, jeep with 4 chaps, and a Shilka

dead simple kit, carn't wait to blow the crap out of Nick's & Coop's choppers with this bad boy! 

I'm sure I can get this slotted in some where... 

Long range Recce, and I've been in a 1:1 scale one and there a tad snug inside!

So the plastic T-72's 

They were a bit of a bitch to put togeather but I'm happy with how they look, 

So apart from a couple of anti-tank teams, SAM teams and a mortar team the Russains are ready to rock and roll for the test game aginst nick in a couple of weeks, so should be intresting to see how they perform.