Friday, 13 July 2012

First Look: Relics

I posted some time ago about the intro type game that myself and Coops played over at Portal Gaming, and this was the first chance that we got to actually get to grips with the rules and roll dice in anger and generally give a crack!


Its an I activate a unit then you activate a unit type game (think Epic) so you do your movement and what not in one fell swoop, no rules for running but you do get a random charge distance (D3) which is quite nice, and no-premeasuring in this one, but you can measure your commanders control distance at any time you want,

The mechanics of the game work quite well with every model having attack/combat stat and a defence stat and basically you take the defence off the attack stat and that's how many dice you roll, and any doubles cause a hit/wound its that simple!!

you can gang up attacks (think combined attacks from warmachine) up to a maximum of three models to tray and get a better average to take high defence stuff down. theres other bits and bobs that give you a hardness "save" but the system is a fast paced system!!


For a pick up and play sure no worries, no missions/scenarios in the book but I'm sure you could lift them from malifaux and give it a crack, No campaign system either but this is being worked on so I'll be interested to see how this works.


You either like them or not! quite a few people did have a gander at the models this evening and overall seemed to go down quite well with most of them, but its horses for courses I suppose?

with there recent kick starter success Tor Gaming has previewed these...

so the range is expanding as we speak,

So the game that myself and coops played...

So the initial set up,

 Coops gets the first kill with one of his marksmen, 

After first turn the main force to the left and a flanking group on the right

The first assault group going in against the gun line...

The flankers getting shot at by another marksman

And the big "thingy" eyeing up some Cav

So the assault group managed to make it to the marksman and take him down only to be cut down by the other marksman!

Cooper looking happy that despite all the shooting at the big "thingy" it carried on going!

so he ploughed into the Brittina gun line and rolled really well for his combat dropping three models with his initial charge, 

and then the Company Sargent Major  joined in and between him and what was left of the unit went down in the end...

mean while the boss man with the little devils chaps bore the brunt of the Cav charge and went on a rampage! 

The Devils dispatching the last cav model and surviving around of shooting the boss man wandered into the gun line and took out some more bits and gaining the wound that he'd lost this turn back!

the company Sargent major got in the action and went down at the hands of the puppet reaper!

After some unlucky rolling from coops and some epic hardness tests the boss man was the only model standing after having a "word" with the marksman.

I was surpised how hard the boss man was and have already thought about what else I'd like to get next once I've some other bits and bobs done.

I suppose the golden question is would I play it again, yes I would the machanic of the actual system works really well the orcnar are a brutal combat force compared to the gun line British, but what would the other factions throw into the mix?

I've a feeling that the Relic's system will become quite popular with the right people talking about it!