Sunday, 22 July 2012

Modern Russains done and dusted... (maybe!)

So after cranking out all the armour I decided it was time to finish off the support functions for the infantry,

So the bits that I got from S&S

A couple of AT4 teams, nicely detailed models dead easy to paint and hopefully are going to be a pain in the ass for Nick & Coops ;)

 The traditional mortar, the likely hood of this ever being fielded is "slim" but its for one of those "humm" lets try try games. 

 and a couple of SAM teams, I only wanted one, but with a bit of a mispack and one email later it was sorted so well done Shaun for his ability to get it sorted, I've had harder times trying to explain stuff to the "special" people at work!

Now the joint on the at ease chap is very clever and went together with out the usual cursing that you get when trying to glue metal to metal on small models, 

Finally I've got the Hind done, the kit was lovely to stick together and the size of the model is huge! but the paint job isn't my finest and if I was to do another I'd either collar Coops for his airbrush or buy a pre-painted job and the job is a good un!

So is that the Russians finished?? Well not quite I've a couple of Trucks that I need to bang together to use as supply resources and these models are the worst things I've ever come across I might just bit the bullet and look for something else, and the other kit I've still got kicking about is a BMP BREM recovery, but again I'll see if S&S have something like this in the pipe line as there other bits are top notch!

So onto the "Pledge"

With a week to go before a very wet July disappears the scores on the doors are as follows,

Bought  18
Painted 40!

Difference 22

I've not included the tank riders for the BMP's as the difference still would be 22 and there part of the model, but with the thousand son's bits that I did the other week I'm working on some Emperors children bits that I've been promising myself that I'd finish so assuming that I don't get too distracted I'll get those done hopefully,

But I do have a few things on the "geek" calendar coming up..

Chaos Codex and general sexy stuff in the next 4-6 weeks
Drop zone commander hits the streets next week
An interest in 15mm Gruntz with I'm gonna blame all on coops nothing to do with...

Yup Russian's in space = Winner!

He will rip your arm off and beat you to a pulp, That's my kinda of Prime minister...