Friday, 22 June 2012

20mm Moderns, Anton's lost his mind!!

With the recent frothyness of KGN which will be flicking over to a new system called Battlegroup Kursk written by the same chap funnily enough, My obsession with 20mm (1/72) scale models continues to grow,

But why modern I hear you ask?

Well Nick the Infidel, has hashed togeather a modern twist of the KGN rules and is looking to try these out, so I added the following bit to a recent order for my web/ebay store..

so 3 T-55's, 3 T-72's and a hind, I'll start with a look at the T-55 kit...


Not sure why Blogger is still putting some pictures on the side?? any way box cover

Onto the pic's of the sprues,

So you get two of these, 

Upper & lower hull, I likes the detail on the bottom of the tank, a nice change compared to normal wargaming kits, 

Rubber type tracks I saw these and got flash backs from when I was a kid and the amount of hassle that these are!

turret sprue and odds and sods. 

Dozer blade and mine thingy


So I'd managed not to lose my mind with the tracks, but the straightness of the top I didn't like so did some faffing around to give the tracks a bit of slack,  

 So in true Anton fashion I put all three togeather and this was the end result, 

I only put the one mine plough on to represent the unit commander, over all the quaility of the kit is really good and cheers to Coops to the advice that trumpter kits are nice,

I'm currently working my way through the T-72's so once there done I'll put them up, so you can see the differance.