Sunday, 10 June 2012

Road trip to Portal Gaming Club to look at Relics...

In as rare turn of events I had a Saturday off work and managed to "negotiate" a geek day with my better half, and with Cooper in tow we chugged up to Portal for there Saturday club...

After finding some where to park we wandered over and the Saturday club is above a toyshop, quite fitting really!! 

Some of the tables,

Dave guarding the tuckshop! 

Models in there cabinets, the pictures don't do the models justice some very nice painting going on!

So a lovely looking death guard army

Empire of the dead holy order, 

Malifaux crew,

D-wars fleet

15mm Grunts (now I've been looking at this for ages, and I'm gonna do some looking about as this does tickle my fancy!)

Another malifaux crew

Good old warmachine

Flames of war stug company

conversions I think?

A really nice looking menoth army

Another Maulifaux crew

Tables from a differant view, 

Part of the reason of going over to Portal was to have a look at Relics, I've been keeping my eye on this system for a while and with the recent indigogo success I've a feeling that this will become more popular, so Ian "demo-machine" was taking one of there local lads through a game, and it turns out that I knew him!! There was a bit of a do I know you factor running though my head but my memory did catch up and it was nice to catch up with him! 

So after talking through the very basics we set up the Brit's against the fairy things! 

I was given the marksman & the rifle chaps, with the company Sargent major behind them shouting as they do! 

 So the marksman in the tower..

after a couple of turns the fairy things hit my flank after rolling one of coopers units and it was fix bayonets time!

by some chance we managed to win the game and as you do as you start rolling though the turns I forgot to take pictures! but Ian was quite sporting and "re-rolled" some dice so that stuff took wounds, but over all thoughts on the system are pretty good, I'm ordering the actual rule book with some odds and sods that look "cool" as I always do to add to a starter army that I won on ebay a couple of weeks ago.

So onto the Pledge...

Bought - 6
Painted - 0!!

shocking I know... however the Germans are chugging along nicely and with the 6 orcnar that I got shouldn't take too long to blast out so I'll be back on track no problems!

I did have an interesting chat with Coops on the way home though and even though I've breaking even painting wise I'm not actually reducing the amount of unpainted stuff so I'm going to try and get some 40K done soon(ish) as 6th Ed is looking good for 3/4 weeks time.