Monday, 25 June 2012

Relic's... Ohh thats shiney!

Yup its "another" system that I've been drawn into, I'll be honest I've been looking at relics for quite a while and only until the recent indigogo campaign its been projected into the limelight with the forth faction being funded very successfully,

so with stuff like this coming out... 

I've a feeling that Relic's will be flavour of the month amoungst a few people, I'll be doing a "first look" once I can get a game in against Mr Cooper, but in the mean time I managed to get the Orcnar models painted up, I threw the "rules" out of the window for these and decided to mix and match colours from the circle of death...

So with the circle firmly in my mind and with no idea of the fluff factor of the Orcnar, I went to work!

So the whole lot togeather, a right mish-mas of colour!! 

Beorn (rock guy) and Niwian (Dancing carrot) These are the commander type models,

Gryann (devils) a unit that can scream at stuff?

Unmann (orcy things) combat type dudes that hit things?

Eotan Rifan (big thing) Weird thing about this that its come out looking blue on the  picture but its actually purple in real life!

Docga (dogs) and fast moving muching doggies,

As you can tell I know bugger all about the acutal models and the like, so once I get a chance to actually read though the book and suss out what each one does then hopefully it'll make more sense!!

for more info on the game etc have a look at Tor Gaming's website.. Linky Link

And the starter deals have also gone up today along with some nice new shiney dice!! pre-order