Friday, 18 May 2012

KGN get on the bus & Empire of the Dead

So after last months poor show of painting I wanted to get my flow back on with various bits and bobs, so I managed to get the bike & sidecars as well as the trucks that I picked up at salute done,

But before I show picks of the transports, I also picked up these movement trays for my 20mm Germans at salute from a company called war bases, website nice and cheap simple but useful idea, hats off to Coops & Nick for steering me towards these as they pick up some from a trade show earlier in the year.

So a bit of work and they'll match my both my Germans and modern Russians,

So the 4 pegasus trucks that I picked up as I'm currently working my way through a second grenadier platoon I need some more of these so I can have the option of mounting all my guys, but I can't find any for love or money! 

Really simple to paint, I decided to go down the early war grey route for something different, I might stick a German cross or two on them but not too sure at that moment.

And onto the bikes and side cars, again went for the early war colour and I'm quite happy how they'd turned out, its just a shame that there's no option for blokes on bikes, but you could use then as a motorised recce team, I'm sure I'll find a way to include them! 

I also managed to get my second game of Empire of the Dead in, this time it was a 4 way face off, with myself and Coops introducing Lee & Nick to the system, and I was quite surprised how much I'd remembered from the first game, there was only a couple of points that came up, but one of those has been sorted out from a FAQ on the westwind forum,

So the table set up, each of us grabbed a corner and decided to go for it, 

So the view from my corner, I had Coops and the Frenchies to my right,

 And Lee and the crazy werewolves to my left, 

the game was a bit of a gun-fest again with three gentleman clubs being on the table and poor old Lee was getting shot to shit from all sorts of angles, mainly from my gatling gun totting secertery! he was laying some punishing fire down on the tree hugging K9's racking up an impressive 3 kills on his jack jones!

mean while in camp Coops I had a member beating the bejesus outta coops models, being outnumbered for most of the time in combat he was the man with a mighty 2 kills from combat,

but then Lee managed to get to my gun line and took down 2 of my models and with another being dropped by Coops with shooting it was Bravado test time, and two chaps decided that they'd had enough and fancied a swift brandy at the club so left leaving me with on chap kicking about and the victory condition was that once you've a gang below 25% you lose and its game over!

So I went from one model away from winning to losing! but I walked away with only a chest injury on one of my guys and spent a fortune on advancement/skill rolls for my entire gang!

Lee's not overly impressed with the system due to the amount of casualties he took from shooting but we'll see what happens next time!

So the Pledge, and the reason that I'm doing it early as I'm of to sunny Orlando on Monday so no painting for me until next month now, but I'm gonna see if I can find a gaming shop whilst I'm over there to see some cool stuff.

Bought - 1

Painted - 22

Difference +21

I was trying to have a "dry" month with not buying anything but that went out the window with an order that finally turned up from maelstrom about 3 months later!