Sunday, 13 May 2012

Review 1/72 Zvezda Tiger tank

I've decided to down the dark path with my KGN Germans and picked up a tiger, I was torn between a resin cast model and a "normal" kit and decided to gamble on a kit...

So I grabbed a Zvezda Tiger, now I was interested to see how good this would be as the stuff I've picked up from them previously hasn't been too bad and with the "snap fit" claim lets see how this bad boy goes together!

so the instructions for the kit well laid out and quite easy to follow and half English & Russian so educational at the same time!

pic's of the sprues, 

interesting to note that most of the road wheels are in one piece

the lower hull and rubber type tracks, 

so after a bit of clipping, removing some mold lines and gluing I had one tiger, took about 90ish minutes so not a overly complicated kit but the amount of stuff you stick on the top of the hull is quite alot!

next to a armourfast stug & plastic soldier company panzer 

Different view

On its own next to hanz the grenadier

rear detail

other side.. 

and the front

So actual thoughts on the kit...

Pro: Its pretty good for the price and the detail is nice as well, with plenty of extra bits that you can plonk on it, no idea what some of the bits are though but it looks cool, The snap together type construction makes it really easy to throw together.

Con: Its an early tiger production kit it would be better for the eastern front rather than the Normandy theatre due to the lack of the anti-mine paste but if that doesn't bother you then its worth picking up. The track units are a bit of a pain in the arse, I managed to get one of the sides spot on the other I didn't so doesn't look "perfect" but at gaming table distance you wouldn't notice anyway!

Overall I'm happy with the kit and value for money its not bad, and even though its a model kit it feels "gamer" proof!

So does anyone have any other model kits that they would recommend?


  1. I'd be willing to bet that with a bit of spackle and the right sculpting tool you could mock up some anti mine paste :)

    Still, looks like a nice kit.. I am seriously considering a foray into WWII skirmish, so knowing that as long as you're scale cosnistent you can use a variety of sources for models could be very liberating :)

    1. I'm sure you could but I'm far too lazy for that ;)

      well I've tried a fair few WW2 systems and personally speaking KGN is at the top of the tree for actual rules making sense,

  2. Was looking at getting one or two of these to go with my PSC armour, butneeded to see a comparison for scale and size. Must say you have answered my questions. Great breakdown and review.

    I agree a little bit of paste and you'll havethe zim finish sorted.