Thursday, 10 May 2012

First Look: Empire of the Dead

So I picked up Empire of the Dead at Salute last month and myself and Coop's finally got round to playing a game and these are the initial impressions,


If you've played Secrets of the Third Reich then this system will be no stranger to you, If not well, you activate your models on an individual basis, bit like warmachine and then you move onto the next the only difference is combat, once you charge in you are locked there until the combat phase, so if your sneaky you can down a model then charge it with another ;)


Westwind do faction type boxes for the main 4, but there is nothing stopping you from using any 1800's steam punk type models, In fact I'm on the hunt for a steam powered exo skeleton armed with a man portable gatling cannon! Coops for example has got his "gang" from artizan miniatures as they look like French forgiean legion.


Now this is where the system tends to make or break for most people, you get 150 shillings to build a "gang" which is about 6 models(ish) now for one off games I'd only play the odd game here or there but westwind has done a nice "necromunda/mordhiem/cutlass" campaign system and this is where it comes into its own! One thing that I do like about the advancement system is that you spend money to roll on either the advancement table or the skill table and each model can only do this once in the post game sequence, to stop you rolling loads if your flush with the cash!

So initial thoughts are yea its not a bad system, fairly well written and some of the "steampunk" stuff is quite funny, I'll play more but Gentlemens club against Gentlemans club is a gun-fest!

So stealing a load of the foamcard printed buildings from the club myself and Coops battled it out at the shop... 

this chap was the steam exo skeleton armed with a man portable gatling gun, and I threw caution to the wind as I rolled 5 dice at a time to lay down some real heavy fire across the court yard, it only jammed twice which wasnt too bad ;)

Coops discovering that you CAN pre-measure! I had a couple of pretty good turns where I don;t think I missed a single shot and Coops' gang paid the price with plenty of guys dropping! 

The big blue thing was my marker for my jam, and the chap next to him is armed with a hunting rifle, and he was on form, all Coops' could do was listen for the crack of his gun and the whistle of the round, at one point he was shooting guys at the other end of the table!

Victor, Edward & Thomas, forming the hunting party and flanking the Frenchies

In the end Coops decided to chip making me the winner huzzah! and the injury rolls were funny with leg injuries, and capturing two of his gang, but being the sporting gent that I am I let them go for two "favours" that I could call in at some point in the future!

So onto the Brooks Gentleman's Club

I managed (somehow) to get most of these done in one night and only the basing & inking was done today,

The man ape & special ed figure if you bought the book.

Some of the the fine gentlemen,

 and the last few,

As the gang was fairly easy to paint, and a change from the usual stuff I enjoyed doing them, to the point that I'm thinking of a second gang, but the holy order which follows the one "true" religion.

anyway thats my thoughts on the system, anyone else tried it yet?