Saturday, 9 July 2016

Painting the 14th Assault Company - Warpath Enforcers

A couple of months ago the Ant "bomb" was dropped on the mantic project I was given 35 enforcers and asked to do something with them.

With a brief of the table will be a desert type board I was left to my own devices...

As usual I did a quick test paint and got the thumbs up from Nic, 

 So a nice and easy step by step for the guys who want to emulate the colour scheme

 Start off with Khaki, I found a spray from halfords that does the jobs lovely!

for the armour plates I used good old Russian green! 

then metallic on the gun and sponged the armour for a weathered look, once that was done I simply hit it with a medium wash and based, Nothing too taxing simply rinse and repeat,

The following lot was done in about a week over a few nights. 

Sadly I never got these back so they've gone to the big hole in the wargaming sky!