Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July Summary and the pledge,

In a blink of a flash July has come and gone!

Weirdly enough the summer has hit the UK and with the blazing sun combined with the summer holidays I've been enjoying lots of down time with the GC.

Painting wise I've done next to nothing really as shown in my pledge, but its been a good month regardless.

Painted - 10
Bought - 10

Difference Broke Even!

this is the first time in 6 years of doing the "pledge" that I've broken even and painted such a low model count in a month.

I've a feeling that August will be the same again as I'm off travelling for a couple of weeks and with the school holidays in effect I'll be quite busy during the day!

I also need to refocus and one of my various muse's Mr Smith has given me a challange where we pick a model and paint it up going all gucci on it, for the First month 1/144 aircraft was choosen and I've mine on the way!

I'm hoping this will break the lack of mojo and wake up the Anton painting machine!