Thursday, 4 August 2016

SLA Shiver Section - Daruma

A long long time ago when I was alot younger (and thinner)

I played a number of roleplay games with a number of guys who I no longer see, which isn't a bad thing as some were complete tools looking back!

One of the games that I really enjoyed playing was a system called SLA. About a year ago I spotted a trade stand at a show that has some SLA T-shirts and various other bits and bobs on sale and got chatting to the guys on the stand, Rather than the usual kickstarter approach that people were taking they did a pre-order system and once they had enough to cover the cost of the production then you'd get the models, quite a differant approch and for those people who can wait then it was a good way of working.

I decided to keep an eye on these guys and see what they came up with and these appeared as a preorder.... 

at the time they did an offer for two patrols and a T-Shirt so as these were one of my favourite NPC's within the RPG I decided to go for it!

the models are really nice and the versatility is great, you get a number of options for either pistol and baton or rifleas well as seperate heads that you can use,

These have been sitting on my desk for a while and eventully I got round to splashing some paint on them.

So in the usual Anton fashion I've opted for Russian green

fire support 5 man section 

assault 5 man section.

I put the red shoulder pad for a splash of colour to break up the green and used a spade decal from an old GW imperal guard sprue.

I wasn't too sure what I was going to use these for but no doubt it'll be for OSC or This is not a test and then then if by pure chance Daruma have confirmed that they will be doing a ruleset for a skirmish game using the SLA IP, this goes kickstarter within the next couple of weeks so it would be rude not to have a mooch at it!

If your looking for more info on the SLA models and RPG books then check out the link below!