Saturday, 20 August 2016

30K second faction - The Mechanicum

Well it was bound to happen!

After a flurry of painting purple for the might LOYALIST Emperors children, I started looking around for something else to splash paint on.

As the local gaming group are rapidly gaining forces for various marine factions it suddenly dawned on me that the mechanicum were not represented so that was an obvious choice, As well as a game that I played a couple of months ago against them I was sold!

So I've started off fairly small and going for the classic buy, paint, buy more and so far its working!

I took some pics so I can do a stage by stage mainly so I can remember if I decide to expain the army in a few months! 

started off with a black undercoat, 

dry brush steely oil and pick out the bronze with brassy brass, dark tone ink for the metals, 

hit the panels with russain green and highlight with some cream mixed in, then a soft was over that to bring it back down, 

do some red for the visors blend the highlighting from a dark red to a base red, hit it with gloss varnish and all ready for basing, 

I need to do some more work on the magnos to give it a pop factor but as it stands its perfect for table top

I added a second unit and a domitar for a bit of varation, 

So thats the start of the mechanicum, I'll be getting a game or two in during September so expect to see some more action pictures of theis lot!