Thursday, 27 September 2012

X-Wing... Lock S Foils and commence attack pattern

Well the long wait is over....

After a quick phone call to my local shop to ask if they had landed I wandered over and picked up the starter set along with one each of the additional ships,

So I cracked open the box and was quite surprised by how muck you actually get in the main game set,  the card playing pieces are very well done and remind me of the quality that you got in the space hulk box set, nice and chunky and graphically very nice,

all the bits popped out and for those with OCD enjoy ;) loads and loads of counters for various things, I will get the baggies out at some point as if Isla got her hands on this lot then upsy daisy will be fed shield and stress tokens!

for the actual rules they look fairly simple so far but I've only had a flick, if you want to see them yourself then fantasy flight have them as a download..

which is a nice touch so you can buy a set and entice people with the free rules, The only "issues" I've seen prior to the release was the price of the individual ships, now I was swaying to agree with them but now I've seen these first hand the quality of them is fantastic and for 40 B&H (2 packets of cigarettes) you can have a awesome looking Y-Wing!

So the three models you get in the main game,

the X-Wing up close and personal

the TIE fighters,

Y-Wing from the "booster" pack

TIE advanced from the "booster" pack, 

the card contents from the Y-Wing pack, lots of stuff to use in the game including different squadrons that you can use in the game from the "green" gold squadron to the veteran's

My thoughts and impressions are very impressed so far the quality is far better than I expected of the pre-paints compared to the wiz-kids & mongoose publishing attempts 5ish years ago. The quality of the card game pieces are really good as well, and will be able to take a kicking and carry on ticking!

the only negative that I can see so far is that there is a whopping big hole in the front of the box so people can see the three ships that you get and if you want to get rid of the internal packing then your bits will fall out as the additional ships I bought won't fit into the main game box so I'll need either a bigger box or another box for the extra ships.

So all I need to do is get a game in which should be in the next week or so and then I can give a "first look" review of the game.


  1. This is the second review i've seen of this and it looks great

    1. I took it down my local clun tonight and was showing a few people the contents, its gone down really well with lots of intrest there was the usual mood hoovers with regards to the price of the individual ships but thats normal for those people!

  2. Looks good to me mate. My (rather shite) Local Games Store are stocking this, but only the starter box. Interesting that the local forbidden planet have even more stock than an actual Gaming shop... Anyway! I digress! Looks good, interested to see how it plays. :)

    1. I was talking to Low Roller about the game and he picked up a couple if addational ships from titan games over at Litchfield but as fast as they are coming in there leaving the store!

      and what I've heard is the intial run is sold out at the suppliers so if you want addational ships get them while you can its gonna be at least a month before the restock comes in!