Friday, 14 September 2012

First Look: Drop Zone Commander

We've a hot LZ!

So the most anticipated system that was previewed at Salute 2012, and the froth factor went through the roof with the gaming community...

but is it any good??


your force is split into battle groups and you activate the whole lot together doing your movement and shooting then your opponent activates one of his battlegroups and so on, so again a epic type turn sequence.

 Each model has its own to hit and is reduced by cover and the like so nothing too mental rules wise there, but what does make it interesting is that each weapon has two ranges, one for "normal" shooting and one for target units that have countermeasures, and not all units have countermeasures (mainly infantry) which puts a nice twist on to target selection!
So once you've rolled to hit you then compare your energy rating (damage) against the target armour and thats the score you need to "wound" your target if you get two above your target number you then cause 2 wounds/damage points so stuff that wounds on a 2+ has a better chance of popping models.

overall the gameplay is fairly simple and nothing too metally straining myself & Lee played a quick skirmish using the PHR and we've got the rules sussed within the first turn or two (well it was Lee as I'd forgotten my rule book!)


All the models in the actual book have been released and it does give you alot of choice with regards to what to take, If the chap over at Hawk wargames keeps on top of the supply and demand and drip feeds the masses with lots of cool toys then this is gonna be around for a while, its gonna work at lots of points quite well so a multi player per side would be a good laugh.


well unless you've been under a rock for the last 6ish months then these are a no brainer, ok so I'll even admit that on launch day the cheapest starter box set drew a sharp intake of breath (and have a forgeworld chaos titan!) and that's been the massive factor on quite a few guys including myself not going mental and buying shed loads! as well as having no idea about the rules too.

So as usual would I play it again?

yes! I just need to get rid of some of my unused stuff to fund this army and if I'm successful then I'll pick up the mega deal!