Tuesday, 28 August 2012

warmachine Ogrun Bokur for hire...

One of the lads at the club was getting rid of some random bits that he had and decided to nab a ogrun bokur off him,

I've liked the model for ages but never really thought about buying one and as I've been on a model spending spree cut back, with the ogrun being the only model that I've bought this month I decided to splash some paint on him and add it to the pledge.

So I decided to subtly convert the bodyguard and I'd spotted a conversion via google images and decided to rip it off!

I replaced the head with a spare khador jack dead and the shield from a man O war kovnik with the khador symbol filed off, a spare sword in a scabbard from a everblight blighted swordsman and he was good to go!

Undercoated and then tin blitz base coat

I decided to give the new GW dry paints ago, and grabbed a necon compound and the contents surprised me a little....

its really solid state but you don't need a great deal on your brush to get a good effect

 so a few moments later one dry brushed chap

I added some basic colour and washed him in army painter dark tone (badab black) and was quite happy with the result, 

I hit him with some seraphim sepia and then re highlighted the leather straps and the blue around his cloak, a touch of red wash for a battle worn look and apart from the base he's done and dusted!

So onto the "pledge" its been a cracking month again...

Bought - 1
Painted - 38
Difference +37

so nearly 9 months into the year and this is where I'm currently standing...

Bought - 203
Painted - 326
Difference +123

lovely! plenty of room for the new chaos stuff that comes out next month!