Friday, 24 August 2012

Infinity - Conquering the Caskuda!

This is my attempt at a "how to" for the assembly of a Combined Army Caskuda,

So after cracking the box there was a fair few bits! and no instructions!

 After cleaning off the flash etc, I found the fingers for the left arm,

Whilst that was drying after some playing about stuck the "groin" to the upperbody

Now it took me a while to suss out what these were for...

The heals of the feet! again bang them on no worries!

Whilst I was on the legs I put the go faster turbo booster jets?

Then slapped the head on, and its at an angle so go with the flow on that bit, 

then it was just a matter of putting the legs and arms onto the torso, there are 3 little bits that you stick on the arms and the forehead but there fairly simple, I used the time tested technique of superglue and blu-tack.

The only issue I have with this kit is that the 40mm base that comes with it is a joke! I ended up making my own from a template of a dreadnought base, 

The reason for all the rubble on the base is in the fluff these things deploy as a meteorite and then emerge fighting, so I figured I could make a funky looking base.

I got some plastic with steel decking imprinted on it cut out a circle and then cut into the middle leaving a bit so that I could bend it in to look like an impact.

So the base coating done,

The very boring part of the highlighting part way through

and suddenly its nearly done!

And the 99.99% finished model, just another wash of green on the orange and its good to go! 

 the wings were a nightmare and kept breaking off and the gluing of the plastic see though bits wasn't as bad as I thought.

Build wise its not too bad you just have to take your time,  paint wise it was a bit of a drag and being quite organic looking was quite a challenge but I went for a look that I can now use as a Nurgle deamon prince ;)

So the only thing that I'm gonna have to suss out is how to transport the bloody thing now!