Monday, 20 August 2012

Infinity Combined army.....

A couple of the chaps at the local gaming club are always banging on about getting some games of infinity in, but as always never happens due to SMS (shiny model syndrome)

So with the new campaign book coming up soon I thought that I should get back in on the action! and I've had a combined force kicking around for a couple of years now, and with trying to cut back on the random model buying they would be a nice little side project to stop me getting sidelined with all the cool stuff out there!

So the combat group, 

Normal grunt chap, the bases have since been done so that they look like decking,

 Spectro killer, lovely model to paint and with the tips I picked up from the WAMP/Golem painting session put those new skills to the test,

An angry looking combat chap, 

The only thing I've got left to do is the TAG and I'll cover that in my next post,