Friday, 10 August 2012

Thousand Son's Bikes/Raptors/Chosen multi-functional unit!

Its taking me a long long time but I've finally managed to finish off a unit of chaps that I converted up quite a few years ago!

Recently I added some alternative heads and replaced the normal looking chainswords with tombking/Egyptian looking weapons.

So the "boys"

Close up, of the old school heads, 

 and the new shiny versions,

 So when I had the vision for these chaps I was thinking bikes, but then I changed to raptors, and now with the "rumours" that you'll have chosen with jump packs then I might shift there purpose again,

The real bonus is that I get to field them how I like and they are universal models that basically look cool! 

The only thing that I'm not too happy about is how the boots look on the discs, I could be going into OCD mode though? what you think??

For those people interested the heads, weapons and the shoulder pad in the last full pic is from a company call kromlech Ebay shop well worth a look, the crispness of the cast and the detail is lovely.

So any feedback/comments are welcome,