Saturday, 4 August 2012

Play testing Battlegroup Commander

So quite a while back a chap call Nick turned up at the club wanting to find players to test a rules set that he'd spent years writing, and a couple of us decided to give it a crack!

Since playing KGN Nick has hashed his own rules with those of KGN and we played the first game last night.

So lots of shiny Brits & Russians

The usual Nascar starting line up, 

Lovely view from the Hind that I nicknamed the Black Ivan part through the game!

 lots of ground to cover,

 so after the first turn, not a great deal moved due to rolling low on the action chit's and I pull a fair few of Nicks out so could trade 3 of the NATO chits for a USSR action. Unlike KGN Normandy you can assign as many action chits to any model but the only restriction is a max of two movement actions, and of course the ammo your burning through, This little rule would come into its own later in the game,

 One of my T-72's spots a juicy centurion hull down in the distance, Nick's been quite sneaky with spotting and your able to use both visual (good for spotting infantry) and electronic (good for spotting armour) your disadvantage is that you have a smaller angle for the electronic acquisition compared to the visual.

 Another T-72 spots some spartans de-busing there infantry and manages to get a tricky shot off and pop the transport, Rather than taking a moral chit for each destroyed unit, you decrease your action chit pool by how many that unit contributes in this case it would be one, If I'd popped his commander it would have been 5!

So whilst the transport is burning the hind opens up with two of the rocket pods and kills 3 guys, I could have fired more of the pods to give me a better chance to hit but they are one shot per game, alternatively I could have suppressed the unit which I only thought about after the game!

So end of turn two, Nick's rolls were pretty poor and the 3 T-72's on my left flank were giving him quite a bit of trouble!

A BMP2 ploughs into a small wood and opens up with its auto cannon on a deploy anti-tank crew,

T-55 & BMP2 cresting the hill and spotting a target rich enviorment!

First kill for the T-72's, towards the end of the game they cleared Nick's flank thanks to a triple shot from one of the 72's and popping every thing it spotted & hit!! Field promotion to marksman!

But Nick did manage to get an airstike on the board, the air stikes work very differently and you call them in like arty, this little tank was about to get an education in air power!

But the Hind was also teaching the NATO boys a thing or two about AT-8's and all that jazz!

I forgot to take any picks after that point as I was getting quiet into the game, Nick did mange to start popping off some of my bits and bobs but was too little too late,

As a initial play test, it went very well just some terminology that needs tweaking and then we can really start trying to break the system!

Nick's also managed to secure a demo table in a couple of months so between myself, Coops & Nick we've a massive game of KGN to plan, bearing in mind that the quality of tables that Nick produces are....