Saturday, 11 August 2012

Road Trip, WAMP 2012

Last week one of the local chaps mentioned a painting compo over at Maelstrom games so I figured I might as well have a wander and see what shiny stuff was about,

I thought I might as well throw some odds and sods into the mix and see how they did, I took my slannesh sorcerer jump pack chap, the disc riders I finished yesterday, the pimp my ride rhino and the oblit's that I did time ago.

Boy oh boy the WAMP boys did not disappoint! The level of painting was fantastic and better than what I've seen before at golden daemons and at Salute!

Any way enough  waffling I'll let the pics do the talking!

 A lesson on how to paint faces from a chap who runs/works(?) at  Golem Studios Tommie Soule, Superb teacher and the basic principles that he went through was spot on! just a shame I had to go into work. and with going into work I missed out on the pigment & weathering lesson as well!

So because I had to shoot off early I left Coops in control of my stuff and this is the scoring sheet for the single miniature that I entered,

really low scores, but at least I know the standard now and to remove the mold lines ;)