Sunday, 28 February 2010

Month end update,

Well I've had a real lazy week after blasting out all that cryx in a day, also Alien verses Predator was released so you can kiss good bye to any painting!!

I've managed to finish off the nurgle rhino, once more coat of wash and some weathering on the tracks and it'll be done, just need to decide if its worth getting another 2 or 3? We'll have to see on that one?

any way WIP pics.....



After my mumblings about the pre-heresy stuff a couple of weeks ago I decided to order some bits and bobs, the first things that came through my door were these nurglest looking deamons, might use them as champions for the deamon army that is coming along in the back ground, I picked them up from scibor miniatures some nice stuff if you do dwarfs and all that jazz!

I also managed to convert the sorceror and he's ready to be undercoated and started on..

These are currently being worked on...

going to do them a really bright yellow with a equally horriblely bright second colour for the fur etc... I love painting deamons because you can throw the laws of colour circle out of the window!

and this is a little teaser of what'll be coming in the next couple of weeks!

so onto the "pledge"

this month has been a really lazy one....

Bought              Painted
22                     16

A differance of -6

So a bit more of an effort is required!! LOL