Friday, 19 February 2010

The army painting machine is green light for go!

Well I knew that I had a Mk2 warmachine torney coming up I was a tad surprised when I got told on Wednesday that its this Sunday!

So with me still reeling in shock from last nights game with Spencer which was bloody good fun, and hats off to him the bitch slap move from his warcaster was pure filth! (but really really clever!)

I've jigged my army about a bit and decided to see if I could walk in on sunday with a nicely painted force, with my weekend stacked with going out and the usual antic's so this morning I pushed the deamons and whats left of the deathguard to one side and grabbed this little lot..

Time Check: 8:20 AM

So I've 6 bane thralls, a stalker and goreshade to get done,

so with the magic morning liquid pumping through my veins (that's tea before you ask!) I decided to do the stalker and the bane thralls at the same time then work on gorshade once I'd properly woken up!

Time Check: 9:20 AM 

A mere 1 hour later I was at this point with the little monkeys...

so the metal parts of the bane thralls was done, including the brass on parts of the armour to break up the model,

the stalker which I've converted last night so I could crack on with it today, has the brass done on it, as its quite a small model souldn't be too hard to get finished,

so a quick fag and another cuppa tea I cracked on....

Time Check: 11:30 AM

And the bane thralls where ready for the wash stage same as the stalker..

However with the best laid plans something does go wrong, I'd ran out of black wash and the gryphonne sepia was looking dangerously low! so it was like a scene from lock stock when Avi comes over from New York

I need some more ink!

Whilst driving over to the local shop I then got a phone call for an invite for a pub lunch, well it'd be rude to say no, and I needed some breakfast anyway!

Time Check 3:30 PM

I'd got the first coat of ink done on the bane thralls as well as the stalker, and whilst waiting for that to dry decided to repair the bane knights as some shields and arms had come off and make a start on Goreshade

So the metal was done, as well as the brass parts of his armour,  and I'd part based him as the sand would have to dry over night but wouldn't get in the way of painting him,

Time Check: 5:00 PM 
So whilst doing Goreshade the first ink coat had dried so I gave a quick second coat and carried on with the warcaster whilst listening to relaxing drum & bass! (just for you Ross check this out! Whoomp Boom boom! ) this took me to this point with goreshade

now I went a bit arty farty on Goreshade, by putting scorpion green in the rune carvings and for the symbol on his cape as he was something thing to do the retribution I used there rune glow colours for a bit of contrast

So by the time I'd done Goreshade the second coat of ink was about dry so there good as done, just need to base them and they'll be ready to rock and roll!

So one finished stalker

and one unit of bane thralls done, so if you take out the 2ish hours that I was out for not bad for about 7 hours work.


Ok so after a stella night down the boozer with Jay & Dave and looking at pretty guns during the day then a surprise by two lots of relatives, there finially done!!

One thing that has occoured to me is that its a lot of models for 20 points!! oh well should surprise a few people ;)