Thursday, 11 February 2010

MkII is a go!

Alrighty, So I've played two games of warmachine MkII now and starting to get to grips with the tweeks that they have put into place,

As it's the second gifts for geeks Torney in a couple of weeks I managed to come up with a nice all rounder list which I'll be tweeking in the next week or so and the bonus is that I only have to paint a few bits and bobs and the job is a good un!

So this is my 20 point Cryx list:

Goreshade the Bastard
Reaper Helljack
Nightwretch Bone Jack
Nightwretch Bone Jack
Bloat Thrall
Bane Knights - 6 man unit
Machine Wraith
Scrap Thrall x2 - give you 6 thralls

So if I decide to run with this list all I need to do is paint the bane thrall's that come free with gorshades feat, the reaper helljack and the bloat thrall so not many at all!!

so any warmachine players that would care to comment on the above?