Thursday, 4 February 2010

On the Workbench or i've had a really good idea!

Well as with all "ideas" some do tend to get lost amongst the other "ideas" that I dream up or are implated into my mind via the medium of Ross & Spencer, (normally when I've had a few cheeky shandys)

So as the death guard is rapidly closing to a finish I found myself looking around my hobby room for something to inspire me to paint or work on the next "big thing"

I didn't want to start a brand new project as I've enough rubbish and have started shifting it via ebay, with some surprising success! So I decided to flesh out the demaon army that I've been doing as a side project so I wandered over to Dustins shop on Tuesday (was just an excuse to see the guys really) and picked up some second hand flesh hounds lead by the big dog karararanabsf (or what ever his name is!)

now as I'm looking for a jump pack for the slannesh sorcerer, I've been keeping my eye out on the "bay" and the prices are a tad high and as I only want one then it seems a bit ott to get 5 then the others sit in a box somewhere, whilst mooching around the chaos section within the shop I spotted the chaos lord with jumppack, the smart dumb balance was restored and hey presto I've me jump pack!!

I'm going to be using the arm from lucius and maybe the torso, and get hold of some khorne bezerker legs for a bit more of a running pose, so I was quite happy at point it would give me something to do on my days off!!

I've mentioned in the past that I've been thinking about doing a plague tower for the death guard, and as final showpeice model for the army I've decided to go for it! and by luck or as Dustin quoted "the planets have alined for the dark gods" someone had bought in a shadowsword for second hand trade in, After the usual "what your for it" and the "what you willing to pay for it" factor I was handing over me cash for this little monkey!

I didn't really realise how big it really is! (ohh err) so as I scratched my chin and though where do I start so since this picture has been taken I've removed the fixed turret and debadged it (like a cheap corsa!) I'll put some more updates on as it comes along but I'll heading to B&Q for plumbing supplies (you'll see what I mean later on)

So not dauted by three things to do I've still got the big man to finish off and decided to start on converting the rhino, its at its basic stage so some green stuff still needed and that should be about done,

so in theory I'll have a the flesh hounds done first nice and easy like the bloodletters, work on the rhino at the same time with the green stuff, and paint the deamon prince with the rhino, 3 stands of nurglings and the two dreadnoughts. Bringing the deathguard to a close (unless I convert some bikers!)

and that leave the plague tower to play about with, I managed to get the plague bearers and greater deamon finished before the end of the month i.e. sunday so....

so another 11 plague bearers nice and simple really,

the big daddy with his big stick!

so far the "misson" to paint more than I buy stands at:

January -

Bought                                  Painted
10 Bloodletters                      10 Bloodletters
1 Herald of khorne                1 Herald of khorne
25 Plague bearers                  21 plague bearers (coops is stripping 4 for me)
1 Masque of slaneesh            14 death guard marines
4 stands of nurglings               5 stands of nurglings (the orginal ones I had)
1 great unclean one                5 chaos terminators
1 doom rider                          1 deamon prince
                                              1 greater demaon

43 models bought                   58 models painted

so a success for January, can Febuary be same???

Bought                                  Painted
7 Flesh hounds                      nought!!!
1 shadow sword
1 chaos lord (jump pack)

anyway I'm done so leave comments as always, and give me some ideas for the plague tower ;)