Saturday, 10 July 2010

Orc & Goblin update

Well once more its been a productive couple of weeks, I'll explain....

Spencer aka Spencers Blog texted me the other week asking if I fancied going round him on my days off for a painting session, which I jumped at the chance, so in the space of two days I managed to get 19 spear armed orcs done and most of the black orcs including two leaders ( which I finished off this week), so this only leaves the spider riders, the chariot and a couple of leaders to sort out and we'll be there!

So the completed spear armed orcs,

The completed black orcs, I'm going to get a couple more boxes to fill these guys out to about 20/30 strong I've a feeling that I'll be shot at quite alot before getting into combat and with the new rules of the second rank fighting I might as well make full use of it ;)

And a quick shot of what I've done in the last 6 weeks, I've even
impressed myself with this lot depending how much I enjoy 8th Ed Fantasty I might break out the high elves that I started a while back!

But onto the actual army list for the Orcs & Goblins....

Black Orc Warboss - Heavy armour, Killing blow, +1 Attack, Reroll misses & +1 strength first round of combat,

Orc Shaman - Lvl 2, +1 to cast
Black Orc Big boss - Battle standard bearer 
Black Orc Big Boss - Heavy Armour, Shield, +1 WS, Str, Int
Night Goblin Shaman - Lvl 2, Staff of sneaky stealing


Orc Boys (25) Addational choppa, Command upgrade
Orc Boys (25) Spear  & shield, Command upgrade
Goblin wolf riders (10) Spears & shield, Command upgrade
Spider riders (10) Bows, Command upgrade
Night Goblins (25) Spears, nets, Command upgrade, 3 fanatics
Night Goblins (25) Spears, nets, Command upgrade, 3 fanatics

Black Orcs - (30) Shields, Command upgrade - Banner of butchery
Boar Boys - (15) Command upgrade - Waargh Banner 
Orc Boar Chariot - extra crew

I'll need to pick up a box of night goblins, Orc boys to fill out the units, but I'm in two minds about the boar boys and black orcs...

so that little lot comes to 2900, I've a feeling that I'm going to need more core though as I've only spent 1210 points when it should be 1500 points for 50%? but we'll see once I get my hands on the rule book come Saturday, if that is the case I'll drop the black orcs to unit size 20 and the boar boys to unit size 10 that should free up some more points for some more core,