Wednesday, 28 July 2010

And normal service is resumed.....

Alrighty so my back is back on track thanks to copus amounts of pain killers and recommended regular movement..

So I decided to have a dance round a field at the weekend to various bands and ended with the prodigy blowing the place away! 

So if you loooveeee the prodigy then have a gander at this Clicky Click it'll make your hairs on your back of your neck stand on end!

So now you've had a dance around your room on with the plasic crack!

I've been a busy busy man chipping away at the last remaining orcs & goblins for the fantasty army that is yet to be played with!

So some boar boys, really nice models to paint,

And the view that I'll see!

now the spider riders where a bit of a playabout I've done most of the orc & goblin army quite dark and evil looking but for these guys I figured something a little differant was needed,

now the colours for the spider riders I've painted for some pratice and overall I'm happy with the way that they have come out,

Now Chris  popped me a text the other week asking if I fancied playing some advanced space crusade, and as I've never played it I decided to give it a pop, now I was asked to bring my chaos down so that we could proxy them as normal marines, but I realised that I actually don't have a non-legion chaos marine squad!

So after a little thinking I remembered I obtained a shag load of prebuit emporers children armed with bolters and other odds and sods, so started banging some paint on those, all I've left to do is the plasma coils on the plasma pistols and gun, and the eyes,

I picked up some ciematic effects from armourcast a while back and decided to pop it onto one of the normal marines and I like it looks quite cool but not too stupid!

Now recently a friend of mine that I've known for a while is slowly becoming intrested in the hobby and actually picked up some bits and bobs for hordes, the only previous painting that Jay has done was for flames of war (15mm WW2) and it wasn't a massive amount and was a bit overwelmed with the 28mm scale and how to paint it etc..

So I was asked to help/coach him in painting, so the first model that he decided to buy was a blitzer and a bouncer from the trollblood range, the blitzer was a bugger to put togeather, but it wasn't long before he was finished....

so most people start on a "normal" size model but not Jay dives in feet first with a huge monster! now I've always been shite at doing skin, so most of the skin was playing about and seeing what Jay liked,

now the bouncer is my eyes is much better, the skin tones and highlighting look good and the metal looks pretty nifty too, last night when Jay poped over to the shop he'd picked up some fell blades and was cracking on with them without any guidance from myself which was good, hell he'd even picked up some brushes and extra paint so that he could do them at home!

A far cry from when I told him that I "played with toy soldiers" with him giggling taking the piss and the like!! all I need him to do is pick up a rule book and the conversion to the dark side will be complete my dark apprentice!

So the question to the masses is...

Looking at what I've shown Jay so far what would be the next step in improving his actual skill or technique?