Thursday, 22 July 2010

Time to sell your soul.....

Well doing my usual mooching about the net and finally forgeworld have updated there death korps any list so that it fits in line with the current guard codex..

kreig rules

now this is only the infantry list but hell its good enough for me, now this has really got my juices flowing with regards to getting some very nice models and destroying my bank balance in the process... however these little sexy monkeys are coming out...

now personally these look spot on to me and I'll admit I'm tempted to pick up the shock troopers for the rank and file and the heavy weapons etc.. from forgeworld in fact you could get a squad and then use them as unit leaders etc..

now I know I normally paint at the speed of a thousand leaping gazelles but I pulled a muscle in my back at the start of this week and its quite painful to sit down and stay still, which is a bugger as I work in an office and I enjoy painting so much! so I carn't do half of what I'd normally do hence the lack of pictures etc.. but hopefully normal service will be resumed once I'm better.