Friday, 30 July 2010

Month end update July and the great debate....

Hi folks,

well another month is coming to an end and its time for the update, I managed to get a couple of sneaky bonejacks painted up that I picked up on Tuesday and popped them in the local shop on Thursday as they came out this week, I used to work for the "evil empire" a long time ago and painted new releases give people an idea than a picture on a box or a computer screen, in this case the size differance between the old school versions and what will become the "norm"

So the two ripjaws...

and the differance in size

quite a big differance personally I do like the new resin one though, good crisp detail, and dead easy to put togeather!

now the big debate is do you prefer the old or the new??  I like the new myself!

however.... I've just spotted these little monkeys....

Apart from woohoo! these are going to be awsome for my chaos/blacktemplars!! 

So onto the "pledge"

it been another tiptop month with the paint-a-thon at spencers place at the start or the month,

Bought: 31 (most of those black templar bits)
Painted : 61
Differance: +30! not bad at all!