Wednesday, 4 August 2010

yeehaa.... Ride em cowboy!

Strange title??

I'll explain..

I saw the new deamonette seekers and loved em, superb models and all that jazz..

Now when I bugged Ross at the shop about who was going to build and paint them Jack's name came up.. now he's a nice lad but one of these guys that never really finishes something the classic "oh thats shiney, drops current project starts new one" gamer.

We've all been there at some point in our gaming lives so no worries, and he got as far as sticking the seekers together and they've been sitting on top of the display cabinet for the last week of so, until now!


so now I've these little monkeys in my grubby little hands they'll be done "shorty" I asked Ross when did he want them doing for, ASAP was the answer and Spencer mumbled they'll be done by the end of the night, well maybe if they were undercoated!

I've also decided to start work on my black templars, and figured I needed a test model to paint so it might as well be the special chappie high marshall as most of his armour is a bronze/gold looking scheme, and not that much black/white so should be easy to practice on.

Now I've taken two sets of pictures to convince a fellow gamer that basing your models makes a huge difference on the finished product.....



So I know which one I prefer and maybe this is a unfair question as the model has gone from plan slotta base to nice shiney dragon forge resin base....

Close up of the powersword,

Boltgun metal
Inked Blue
The lighting bits dome with skull white
Inked Blue again

I'm not 100% happy with this though, any suggestions on what I can do to improve this??