Monday, 16 August 2010

Hordes Skorne & a blast from the past!

Its been a bit of a slow month as I've not really painted much (well for me) I had a couple of games of warmachine last week and got my ass royally handed to me, which has only made me more determined to break out the "Inner Anton" and get my game face on,

I'm stepping away from the cryx for a bit as I've become a bit bored of them and going to focus on my skorne, now I've not really played as a horde player plenty of time against them so it should be something that I can look forward to and hopefully enjoy and try and win a few games!

so I'm going to run with the following 35 point list for a couple of games to see how I get on with them, now the idea was planted in my head by a fellow warmachine player who has a knack of coming up with filthy lists...

"chain gang tier list" 35 points

Dominar Rasheth +5 warbeast points
Bronzeback titan +9 (-1 for tier one benefit)
Titan Gladiator  +7 (-1 for tier one benefit)
Titan Gladiator  +7 (-1 for tier one benefit)

Agonizer x2
Paingiver beast handlers (4 man unit)
Paingiver task master
Gatorman Posse (3 man unit)
Totem Hunter (it wasn't until stef asked if I could have a totem hunter in the list did I check! well I can have units but not solo's, so I've 3 points spare!)

so its about as subtle as a brick in a handbag the chain gang theme really pays off at 35 points with 3 titans! both agonizers fully loaded with fury and an extra 2" deployment with the three titans, the gatormen get +2" movement on there first turn and the totem hunter there for a laugh! see above!

so I suppose the question is what would you do for a 35 point skorne list??

so I painted these guys up that I've had for a while is the best way to describe it! the colour scheme was suggested to me by Spencer a while back and I really like the contrast rather than the usual bright red of the skorne,

and I also decided to paint an agonizer...

I wanted the model to look well abused and this is where the washes really came in useful with giving it a grimey look and bloodied as well...

The Blast from the past is a case that I found whilst decorating the nursery.....

now these boys are really really old! working it out via the medium of ex girlfriends/nutters I'm guessing at about 8-9 years old? I remember I was working for GW when I had these and the Phat cats club was at the original venue. I suppose these will come out if and when the necrons get a revamp....