Tuesday, 31 August 2010

1/300 aka 6mm, aka bloody small!!

well it was bound to happen at some point...

A new system, a new scale, and some more metal to paint!

the flavour of the moment is 1/300 aka 6mm (epic scale to the masses!)

now the reason that this has come about is a new guy at the club wanting to do some modern warfare gaming which I'm well up for!

so the order from magistar militurn thudded onto the door step and after some rooting about I got my T90's out, first thoughts where "fuck me there small!" and the following photo gives you an idea of a GW metal rhino compared to a GHQ T90!

so after a bit of thinking I decided to stick the T90's to a small flames of war base, looks about right for the size and as I've ordered cold war commander we'll see what is recommended within that system,

I thought I'd do the usual test model and ended up with

now its not too bad, an I'm sure some one is bound to comment that the camo is wrong or something like that!

now all I've got to do is the other 24!

right at the top of the picture they are medium warmachine based models so gives you an idea of the size, I've not even bothered undercoating these guys as the detail on the models are superb for the scale and didn't want the spray getting rid of any!

now I figured the trick with these guys is to over highlight the green and use a lighter brown for the camo, and wash with devlin mud? then when doing the base do a really light dry brush of commado karki?

so as we're playing on thursday I'm planning on banging out this lot no later than wednesday!

assuming that tower madness on my iphone doesn't distract me to much!!