Tuesday, 7 September 2010

35 points of Skorne done & some micro armour action!

Well its been a busy week to say the least! 

The 35 point chain gang Skorne tier list is finished, All I need to do is get a couple of games under my rather large belt and I'll increase it to a 50 point list, but more on that another time,

the micro armour T90's have been finished, however there only 6mm so I managed to get them blasted out dead easy, and I've even been told that Spencer has based his yanks.... wonders never cease!

so onto the pics....

The triple tag team....

Close ups of the bronzeback, a bugger to build and whilst painting it at spencers only did I realise how much lower armour it actually had which made painting it fairly simple,

Titan close up, as there pretty much both the same I've only done close ups of the one, I'm also in two minds about the banner pole, I've left it off for the time being as I've seen on many occasions when one of the lads at the club get there skorne out the banner poles have come off,

The Crocmen, now there where quite tricky to get right as I couldn't quite get the skin to look the way I wanted it but I think in the end I got there so I'm quite happy with them, might dull down the red on the unit leader though?

I put a bit of red wash round the mouths and gives it that just eaten look!!

So the whole lot minus the caster which is currently sitting on display at the local shop, over all the colour scheme looks good and with splashes of red still make it look "skorney"

Pictures from last week at the club using some home grown rules that a chap call Nick has spent the last 10 years writing!

Dan getting very excited seeing the British threatening to roll over the Russians

first turn Stef trying to suss out his rules,

T90's trying to find the local starbucks

T90's looking for doggers...

T90's on a suicide run to try and outflank the British Challenger 2 which turns out carn't be destroyed unless the russians get within 10cm! so it was balls to the wall, most of that was Dan's whispering in my ear though!

So the puffs of cotton wool are the destroyed armour both sides took a licking!

T90's "trying" to hide in a wood, there wasn't a great deal of them left after the volley from the chieftains

T90's still looking for starbucks after getting rid of some light tanks

trying to be sneaky and rape the reteating British...

So over all the game was pretty good and it attrached alot of intrest, so carn't wait to get another game in!

As long as I keep away from the following I should be onto a winner this month!

Cheers for reading & comments welcome as always,