Thursday, 30 September 2010

Month end update... September - Micro Armour time!

Jesus wept where is the time going!

So with the "Golden Child" now on board my "pledge" this month has gone a bit off the rails, not that I'm complaining there is nothing better than my daughter looking at me with her big open eyes making strange noises and myself making crazy noises and silly faces (at last I can get away with that kinda thing!) and the warmth of her body in my arms... and then Isla cracks a smile and her arse explodes filling the nappy that I put on about half hour ago, now that's my girl!! LOL

Anyway Micro Armour time, now being 6mm aka epic scale its a bloody doddle to paint!

As the rules set that we are trying out is taking the next step towards air support I'd thought I'd flex my CIS muscles and get the arms race going!

4 SA6's & radar system

3 Tunguska's

BMP 3's so I can start getting a command element together and make what I have a legal army

BTR 8's again for command elements of the force, 

Scud launcher, well I figured why not and just because I can ;)

It'll more than likely get used as a mission objective doubt it that we'll be using NBC rules any time soon!

SU 27's now I'm still undecided over the paint job on these, I've not really painted aircraft before but I figured that they wouldn't be weathered like a tank hence quite clean, now the camo I found on the Internet and thought it was something different! 

The Classic "rambo" Hind, I think these are the "D" variant, a simple brown and green camo as that's what you tend to always see them painted in.

Frogfoot's the Russian version of the A10 but not as cool looking! 

So the micro armour is up to date just waiting for 2 blisters of anti-tank rocket launcher BTR's and I'll think I'll then start looking at some infantry to round off the force. All I've really got to do is get my hands on a copy of coldwar commander as the current version is now out of print, sods law really I used to see them all over the place when I went to trade shows and now I want a copy its no longer available! however on a positive note the chap who wrote the rules is doing a 2nd edition which will be out after the new year (maybe) so I'm happy to wait!

So whats on the table???


I played a 35 point game against Spencer and his Menoth and only just lost it was a tight game and admittedly I didn't have a clue with the retribuation but I've learn't a lot!

So this is what I took,

2 Manticore's

Epic Eryss
Ghost sniper
Max size Mage hunter strike force & Commander upgrade
Stormfall archers

I'm going to try normal Eryss as I wasn't that impressed by the epic version and for the same points cost then it makes no real differance, now spencer was banging on about taking a mage hunter assassin but I like the sniper kinda reminds me of the widowmakers that I used to use with my Khador and I used to love those!

The biggest Challange is can I paint the 'jacks like the caster in the whiteish colour??

And on a final note how good do the Dark Eldar look! really really tempted!!