Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Seekers of Slannesh finished, Bob's first birthday!!


I hadn't realised that the Blog is just over a year old which means Bob the Warhound has his First birthday on the 21st August!! it only seems 5 mins since I posted.... gentlemen start you engines how time does fly!! at that point I had about 5 followers now I've swelled to a whopping 41! so thanks to all of those to take there time to read my random thoughts and leave the comments for me to think about,

Well I've finally got round to finishing the seekers off,

I would have had them done alot quicker had I not ran out of ink and then spent the weekend on a stag do in London, I decided to take them down the shop tonight and crack on with them so that I couldn't get distracted by other things!

so here are the finished models, the lighting isn't great on these pictures I thought I'd blast a few snaps off,

So the complete unit...

Different angle..

Individual shots

I didn't do anything with the banner as I've never been any good at those so I figured it'd be better blank than some 3 year old with a brush attacking it!

at the moment I'm in a bit of a painting crossroads i.e. can't decide what to do next I so he's a list of options that I'm thinking about....

Finish off the orcs and goblins
Start on the Black templars
Finish off the possessed & Chosen for the chaos army
Start on the Skorne for hordes
Finish off the cryx for warmachine
Accept the next "Challenge Ant" from Stef this time

So many choices so little time!