Friday, 21 August 2009

Gentlemen Start You Engines!!!

Its was a relaxing thursday, I was listening to a bit of Drum & Bass via Radio one's iplayer and one gets a knock at the door, For the Chaos warhound has arrived! Grining from ear to ear I opened the box to find this lot!

First thoughts were, fook me thats a lot of bits! and the doubt started to creep in, have I bitten off more than I can chew? but then with the "Ross" attitude I decided to man it up and go for it!

So this is the offical start of Anton's Warhound Project!

I washed all the parts for the warhound and at the same time checked that it was all there I'm only missing the thigh pistons but I'll ring forgeworld and get that sorted no problem, I then layed out the whole model, the model is bagged into scetions so I kept this in mind when laying all the bit out..

Only after laying it all out was my reaction....

Ok so I decided to whip out the extensive and detailed instruction sheet for a model that costs nearly £300 the complete 3 A4 sheets double printed mind you... The bit that makes me laugh the most.... "The Chaos Warhound Titan is a complicated model kit" well no shit sherlock!

So I decided to crack on with the kit and the feet, I remember someone telling me that some bits of the warhound where a bugger to put togeather, well the feet are one of those bits! Why you might ask? well there is 24 parts to each foot! and as you can pose your model how ever you want there is a lot of scope for those much talented than me!

I did the first foot with it being completely flat on the floor so I could get a feel for the kit and to keep it simple really, I let it dry whilst I was out down the Gaming club (whupping Lee at warmachine I might add, but this is a very rare occasion!) and did the rest of the pistons this morning and made a start of the other foot, I wanted this to be a bit more dymaic so after a bit of thinking of how I was going to be able to do this the magic of Blu-Tac came about I put that under the main part of the foot and old cd and voila sorted!

Completed with pistons

awaiting pistons....

On a bit of a side note here are the pictures of the cracking death guard I mentioned the other day so I'll be painting these as a break from the warhound....

Forgeworld Sorceror

Converted Deamon Prince, but only after reading the rules for deamon princes I discovered they carn't have deamon weapons? how pants is that!

The Champions of the squads

The two Forgeworld dreadnoughts

Rank and file

close ups of the rank and file

Terminator Champion

Terminator Squad with Forgeworld Deathgurd conversion kit

I think I'm going to be a busy man!!