Sunday, 23 August 2009

D+3 Oh how the air turned blue!

Only after looking at the feet that I'd done then did I think about some kind of base, two reasons behind this really...

  • Stabiliaty - as I'm going to be using this for games of apocolypse I was to be sure that its not going to fall over
  • Coolness - the amount of cash I've spent on this I figured a little extra effort would steal the deal
So I wandered down to Gifts for Geeks and have a chit chat with Jack & Ross and see what ideas I could get from those pair, after a lot of discussion I decided to pick up the new GW battle scape, I was unsure if it would be stable enough to hold the weight of the titan, but no guts and all that!

So after I got it home had a play about with it and yes it would work, as the feet were already done I needed to have a play about to get them to fit onto the base without too much faffing about.

The only thing I needed to do was semi fill in one of the craters so that the flat foot could sit nicely and not look crap basicly.

So the feet were sorted but not glued down I held them in place with blu-tac so on with the legs, now forget what I said about the the feet they were a doddle compared to the legs, with each one coming in four seperate sections they fitted togeather no problems the angles of the joints was the bigger issue so after about an hour of scratching my chin and playing about I figured I'd better get on with it!

But how to know where to move the angles too? well the good old pencil came to my rescue! I marked the bits I needed to mark and so that sorted out I went to work, banging both the legs togeather and connecting the legs to the hip,

So I sat back feeling quite smug with myself only to have the thought of "wonder what angle I should have the body at"
I looked at the hips looked at the hull and then good old Anton's Profanisaurus came to light it was too late to try and break the seal of the glue and I'm not going to risk breaking what I'd spent a few hours trying to achive!

I've decided to worry about that when I've put the hull togeather and then I'll have a play about, So this was the state of play by the end of last night...