Wednesday, 9 September 2009

This is where the "magic" happens...

Ok so Its been a while since I've updated, but boy oh boy have I been busy!

The warhound is assembled, after much chin scratching and faffing about its been primed and worked on, I started with the cockpit to see how the techinque that I've used on the death guard would work on the internals of the warhound, and as I thought it works fine with the chaos "factor" in there the dirty grimey look suits it very well,

After talking with my personal Wikipedia for 40K (Lord Molds) a dark red carapace will be the main colour scheme with a brass edging, throw in the odd dark looking boltgun and thats the vision, Once I've the cover for the cockpit done I'll post some snaps so you see the kind of effect that I'm going to be going for.

I've also managed to get the base sorted so that the model now has a home to live on and its not too bad if I say so myself! dead easy to do....

  • Can of relentless
  • Tank brush
  • Some loud music
  • Done!
to keep in with the theme and to kinda give that sly wink to Ross with his beloved Dark Angels the abandoned rhino is of course a very dark looking green no chapter markings but you know who you belong to ;)

So after I did the cockpit the main torso insides are going to be worked on and they are ready for the metal highlight and then onto the fleshly bits to give it the fresh exploded human corpse look!

So look out for pics over the next few days for the progress on the titan and the recent chaos terminators that I've also completed which had there fabulos first game roll out where they decided to deepstrike into a bastion and decided to destory themselves!!!

Oh how me & Ross giggled at that as we played our "joint" strike force attacking an imperial line in Jack's Campaign down gifts for geeks, Surprisingly enough charging across an open killing field with a few bits & bobs of cover went as expected... enough said.

Anton out.