Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ragnar..... Get to the Thunderhawk......

So the week started like.....

This was supposed to be a painting day round Spencers but ended up being GH world tour loving as well as some hawx thrown in there for good measure ;)

however after some focus and staying away from the distracting things within my home (the computer & Nadine's lovey boobies)

I managed to get this little lot done, now before I hear screams of where's the pack & comapany markings... I'm trying to find my 3rd ed codex with all the fluff in it so have left them plain for the mean time, also the sand is still drying as I type this now so that'd be sorted by Monday night, I'm kinda in shock I set myself a dead line and managed it!

The Squad was made from a box of the new wolves and a normal tac Sqd, Stef and I split the wolf box and I opted for blood claws, Stef went for the grey hunters. I've seen Stef's test model and it does look really cool but mine are done so there ;) 

The "family" shot