Saturday, 10 October 2009

Errr.... OK?

Greeting to the masses!

Well its been a couple of weeks and apart from getting distracted by a new MMO called Aion & company of hero's Its been quite productive!

I finished the Bloodclaws for GFG and they appeared to go down quite well so all good there and that give me my mojo back to crack on with the titan, The upper torso is nearly done just a little bit more work on the red and it'll be there, I've started on the cockpit cover & the torso cover as well as the legs.

The saga of the missing pistons continues Forgeworld keep sending me the wrong bits but I've given up ringing them for a 4th time! so I'll make my own!

I the mean time I've finished off my Battletech stuff for a onging campaign down the club and they look quite nice dead easy to paint only problem being is my camera is on the blink and won't let me up load pictures for some strange reason? So you've no pics this time once I've sussed it out I'll get them up!

Anton out.