Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Do Noisemarines like Drum & Bass?

Well shiver me timbers and all that jazz, I still carn't suss out the issue with me camera, I think its the software though so I'll have a jigg about with it at some point...

The title???

well me & ross was discussing what would noise marines listen to rather than the usual answer of METAL! I thinks thats pants and something that would make you wanna dance all night would be cool! This was during the shooting phase of the campaign game tonight where the necron immortals really earnt there name!

Meanwhile back at the ranch the titan has been coming along in leaps and bounds over the last 3ish days I've managed.....

  • To finish off the torso inside & out
  • To finish off the cockpit cover

  • Make a huge dent on the legs with some drybrushing of the metal picking out the brass areas ready for the highlighting do the foundation red ready for the normal red
  • Do the same as above with the leg plates & the ball protector ;) and the top cover for the torso,
  • Started the weapons with the tin blitz on the metal areas but I'll be doing these last to kinda "finish" the model mentally for myself,
 Now before you ask I've no idea why I've got my "paint" on I just have? so I'm gonna take full advantage of this and crack on with the Nurgle bits I've left I might do the forgeworld Mk2b landraider that I want to "nurgle" up or start on a load of epic I've picked up from a chap in the `states or finish off my skorne for hordes.

Now the question is what would you like to see?? (assuming I get the bloody camera going!)

Answers on a postcard so post a comment and don't be shy ;)