Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Formula for success: rise early, work hard, use washes.

Ok folks, I managed to get the Warhound done for apoco sunday, but everyone turned up so was unable to use it! 

So on to the pic's......

The flash has washed out the colours on this pic, so looks shit but its not ;)

The torso inside complete, I thought the addational bulk head would look pants but it fits in well but does obscure some of the detail which is a shame

At this point I started playing around with my camera settings.....

One of the guys from minipainters was asking me about the metals on the plasma gun, its great what matt effect the new washes give when they are dried, 





So thats that,

Incase anyone is intrested this is the "recipe" for the colours etc..

Undercoat black

Paint the edging, metal bits with tin blitz
Go over that with either Brazen brass, or Brassy brass from Game colour
Bang in a bit of chain mail to the brassy brass for a highlight,

Now for the above you don't have to worry about being too neat just bang it on!

The area that you want to do red start with the foundation red
then red gore, if you want to take it further and hight light the edges then fair enought I didn't bother myself

the fleshly bits, I used tallen flesh then dwarf flesh to highlight,

for the battledamge holes use boltgun metal

I picked out some of the metal work witth the brassy brass & chainmail added to high light to break up the large metal areas aka the legs,

wash with devlan mud, and when thats dry wash with Gryphone sepia I used about 3 pots of each on this project though so if your able to make your own washes then fair enough

Quite a simple guide but one that you get the general jist from, The only thing I would say is if you havn't used the washes alot like myself then don't panic until they are dry, there has been a few times when I thought "fuck" that looks shite, how ever it doesn't once they are all dry,

Now the only question is do I start mulling over the forgeworld website again.......