Saturday, 17 October 2009

.... and 20 B&H please... AKA Piccy up date!!

Ok some how, not too sure what I didi I've got the camera software working again!

So this is the battletech stuff I've completed recently, and I'll the latest pic's of the Warhound I've worked on it bit more.

The group photo



Giffin GRF-6F (allegedy one of the best all rounders in the game?)


Ok so on with the titan,

I'm yet to ink the Legs & Torso cover but you get the general idea,

The legs from various angles, I'm hoping that the ink stage will dull down the metals. The ankle greaves are yet to be stuck on but are nearly done so the lower body is about there, I'll be weathering the feet as well so it kinda blends in with the base.
The only thing I need to work out is attaching the legs to the base, a couple of 6 inch screws through the bottom should do the trick!

You can see the colour differance between the torso and the cover with pre & post wash, I've yet to see it all togeather and so far its looking quite nice, once I've done inking and stuck the greaves on I'm sure it's gonna look sweet!

Close up's of the cockpit with its shiney new cover, I've used the GW inks quite a lot on this model and the boney spines on the head where a doddle...

Bleached bone
Light wet brush of skull white
Devlan Mud wash
Gryphonne Sepia wash

and what you see above is the finished result!