Friday, 30 October 2009

Back to normal size models....

Ok, so the titan is done and I'm trying to resist the tempation to pick up some more forge world stuff or a new box of models as I tend to do a completey new army or system!!

I wandered down the Club last night as I'd arranged to play Ben at Privateers Press Monsterpocalypse, I'd picked up a started set and a couple of boosters and got a fairly balanced mix of stuff I could use.

I'd read the rule book on the throne (as most gamers do! Hell one guy I know even has dice to he can test load outs for various systems!) and got the general idea of what was going on,

The game itself is quite a good laugh and I ended up throwning Ben's Monster into a nuclear powerstation and watching him melt!

If you can look past the collectable factor of the game its a nice pick up and play for a break from the doom & gloom of there is only war!

Since cancelling my World of Warcraft subscription (shock horror to those that know me!) I've been on a painting-fest and managed to pump out some more death guard that I'd half started a while back,

Family shot, This is the second squad that I'd won from that ebat auction ages ago!

Who'd thought it a chaos marine with an orky weapon looks cool! 

Converted Flamer, two in this squad done very clear I might add!

The rear with his tanks of dooommm.....

Powerfist welding champion

 Detail on the banner, I've never been any good at free hand but this'll do!

Whilst waiting for the inks to dry I was having a bit of a nose around in boxes and the like and found the landraider that I'd bought for typhus, the old grey matter kicked in and it wasn't long before I was rooting through the various bits boxes that I've got.

I wanted the landraider to look nurgley how ever I didn't want it to look stupid! and my personal view on spikes is that too many look shit!

Since these pic's have been taken I've added some green stuff to it to make it look a bit more deamony but kept it quite low key as my green stuff skills are basic, I'm toying with the idea of using some razorwire that I found and putting to the left of the main las cannons kinda like an anti-infantry thing and for something differant??

Anyway I'm gonna move my car before it gets a parking ticket!