Friday, 23 October 2009

Deathguard "Magic Recipe"

Well I was asked at the club tonight how I did my death guard so I thought I'd pop it up for his to read, now I'm not going to claim this as my own invention I ripped it off from a chap on warseer,

The original topic is...

Well here is the magic recipe:

1. Basecoat of Chaos Black spray

2. Paint them all with Gretchin Green Foundation Paint

3. Heavy drybrush of Rotten Flesh

4. Paint small details like worms and fleshy bits with Tanned flesh

5. Highlight the Tanned Flesh areas with Dwarf Flesh

6. Paint, teeth and claws with Bleached Bone

7. Paint metal with Bolt Gun Metal

8. Paint any woden areas with Khemri Brown Foundation Paint (not that much wood so didn't do that much)

9. Devil Mud wash the entire model

10. Once the previous wash is dry, give the model a second wash but of Gryphonne Sepia this time

11. Base the model

12. Done

I'll see if I can get some step by step pics taken to help, I know I prefer to look at model porn than boring writing!

Oh and in case your wondering the titan is finished! I'm waiting for the camera batt's to charge up and I'll be snapping away!

So lets have a summary....

4 pots of superglue
1 pot of Red gore
4 pots of deviln mud
4 pots of gryphone sepia
Man hours I'd guess at about 100ish including putting it togeather.

however it was well worth it and I can sit back and now say I have a titan! and not be one of these morons who say that they have one and actually don't! Just because they want "man points" Pussies!

I'm gonna field test it on Sunday so I'll expect it to go up in smoke! That should be a good laugh!

I think I'm going to crack on with the death guard and see if I can do some tactica stuff for chaos, I suppose it's about time I put my money where my mouth is!

Time to take the chaos codex to work and mull over it whilst I'm chilling on lunch!