Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Fix bayonets and charge..... (part 2)

Alrighty So time to bring you part two of the apoco game.....

Turn 3

Team Jack,

The Skyclaws must have mis-read there maps and deepstriked way off target! (like they had rolled badly on the deep strike table?) There was some odds and sods of shooting but nothing of any intrest, it looked like it was going to be another turn of savage assault (I could see Pat warming up his pentant engine rolls out of the corner of my eye)

Marks slightly mis understood Black Templar Temi's got raped by a combo of the grey knights the Chaplin and the Librain who appeared to be on angel dust!

Then suddenly or the other side of the table I could hear the moans of Hutch as the pentant engines took out his masque of slannesh much to the delight of Pat.

But Hutch did manage to wipe out the Long fangs that has reoccupied the building with a hand full of sixes!

The sisters still managed to hold back the deamons and the lone shaper on the far right flank

Turn 4

Team Hutch

With only a couple of turns remaining the guard swarmed forward to try and contest the netural objective which was now becoming very busy, and the Predator kroot was only just out of assault range only at this point did I notice the cool conversion that Dustin (aka the boss man) had done!

The pentant engines still on a frenzy that would make Khorne Berserkers blush took down the last Venerable dreadnought, ( poor old mark was using the re-roll the damage rule and everyone was rolling the same on the re-roll!!)

With the blood still pumping through Pat he dispatches the rest of the deamons on the far right with his cannoness with what was described being armed with the sword from god? But as she was standing there gloating the Harpies come in and kick her in the balls! Commander down!!

Team Jack, The Inquisation chimera comes from no where to secure the netural objective, and the penent engines exchanged blows with the fiends of slannesh, (It turned out that Team Jack did more damage in Team Hutch turn than there own!)

At this point the troops where starting to flag with the game going on for a while, but when I asked do you want to play one more turn I've never had a quick response from the group! Looks like the netural objective would make or break the game!

Turn 5

Team Hutch, The Black Templars steam forward to counter-contest the objective, and the traitor guard not wanting to be out done pile in as well, And just for good mercenarys are in there as well ;)

Hutch's harpies that took out the Cannoness introduce themselves to some army painter green marines,

A well placed Baslisk barrage take out an entire sisters squad blowing then to kingdom come!!

Whilst that was going off the pentent engines yup there still there a tad battered but fighting away continue to tie up the fiends

Team Jack

The grey Kinghts continue there gore-fest and beat up some kroot, The last reamining wolf guard which most of us had forgotten about about takes some random shot at a deamon price that was touring the countryside,

The Librarian teleported his unot out of combat to shoot up the black templars, with the combined shooting from the sisters the squad is reduced to the chapter master and his mate Ron (the emperors champion) who goes down to one wound!!

The fiend have some outstanding hits on the pentant engines but Hutch manages to completely fuck up the damage rolls and pat is left standing there laughing in his face!!

End Of Game


The "chaos" objective is well secure at the rear of the lines

The "sisters" objective is well secure at the rear of the lines

The "sisters" secret objective which was the lone wolf was captured by the Kroot & deamons

The Netural objective in dispute by nearly at least one unit from every player!

The big gap is where the chimera would be I wasn't quick enough with the camera ;)

The "chaos" secret objective failed to be revealed but was the emperors champion on one wound!

A chaos Win 2-1 on objectives

Overall everyone had a good time, the one thing I would have done would have been to get the 2 rear objectives more towards to no mans land to make it a bit more fun rather than a 1000 points sitting there saying come and get me!

The other thing that was really weird was that we had no super heavies, no apoco formations, no fliers! even with all the infantry the game flowed nicely